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We offer Eyelash extensions, Lash Lift and Brow Lamination courses. Our techniques are unique and best selling. We here to explain how to do it and why.

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All courses ABT accredited.

Earn 10% discount for your liability insurance from us!

Liluk Lash Brow Training Course London V11

LEARN unique EYELash extensions and more

Why some lash extensions last 2 weeks and others whole month? It is all in technique and understanding the chemistry behind lashing. Our in-depth eyelash extensions training will explain it all so your journey to the dream career of lash artist will be smoother quicker than taking just a standard lash course on the market. We are passionate to help people to achieve their dreams and goals as we believe that every great trainer wants to see their students succeed.

Our Lash extensions application techniques are unique and modern- extensions look like real lashes but better, last ages and feel comfortable. Your clients will become irresistible after trying ‘Natural feathering‘ eyelash extensions and never go anywhere else. Lightweight, comfortable, natural looking, non-damaging, provides best retention on the market. Our beginner eyelash trainings are available in a small group of 2 students which means you will get as much attention you need during the training. Our goal is to give you as much practice as possible so you are comfortable to continue developing your skills on your own. Also online support is available if you need an advice from the trainer for 6 months.

2 day beginner natural feathering eyelash extensions course

In this 2 day eyelash extensions course you will learn foundation of Natural feathering eyelash extensions wrapping application and styling technique. Also great retention secrets, how to design natural looking sets based on eye shape and creating bespoke styling for each client based on what they want to achieve and also what is suitable for them. Additionally how to provide best service, do consultation and how to market yourself to find more clients. We also believe that hands on practicing is the key of learning this craft so you will train on at least two live models as well as mannequin head. ABT insured certification is provided after finishing the course.

Max 2 students.

£850 including starter kit.

Email us for more information regarding the course.

Advanced Masterclass in wispy feathering design

It is a class created to master your designing skills and create beautiful wispy eyelash extensions that look absolutely stunning and also natural- you will learn how design wispy eyelash extensions to meet your client’s desired looks and how to manipulate any design to enhance every eye shape. Become an expert in styling lashes and you will be fully booked!

This course is designed only for experienced artists. Available in group of 2 students.

2 days– £950 including mini kit.

1 day-£600 including mini kit.

Email us for more information regarding the course.

Brow lamination course

Incredible eyebrow makeover -This is a must have treatment on your treatment list. In this course you will learn: In depth understanding how brow lamination works and how to make it successful and long lasting every single time. Learn how to tint and shape brows in a natural way that is suitable to every client. Your clients will feel safe and proud to walk out of the salon with their new and beautiful brow makeover!

Also you will be able to perform brow lamination to yourself!

Brow lamination – £399 including starter kit.

Max of 2 students.

Email us for more info regarding the course.


Want to become a full range eyelash artist? Then Lash lift must be on your list. It is one of the most popular treatment for lashes these days. Learn how to never fail a lash lift which lasting up to 2 months! Practicing on 1 live model.

1 day Lash lift and tint– £399 including a starter kit.

Max 2 students.

Email us for more info and course dates.

Career path

  • Work as a lash / brow artist at the salon (best to begin with)
  • Freelance lash / brow artist
  • Lash / brow trainer
  • Lash and brow entrepreneur
  • Or just create your path yourself!

Earnings of Lash extensions

After 6-24 months of practicing based on 3 clients a day working 5 days a week


Treatment Price£150 – £100£100 – £80£80 – £60
Monthly Income~£7,500~£5,400~£4,200

If you add lash lift and brow lamination or HD brows to your service list you can additionally get from £25-£120 per treatment!


We will start offering internship for students of ours in 2024 which means you can apply to be a junior lash and brow artist of Liluk lash and brow studio. Grow and learn with our supervision.

After successful internship we will be offering a few places to our students to work with us! That’s the shortcut to success! Do not miss your chance!

Send an enquiry to us if you are interested!