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Liluk Lash and Brow Salon is a haven for those seeking natural-looking, personalized treatments for their eyelashes and eyebrows.

Our brand was created by woman to woman who thrive to look beautiful and natural absolutely effortlessly. Our holistic approach to lash and brow treatments is what makes us stand out in a beauty industry. We simply care.

Liluk Lash Extensions Salon London



Lina Lash Extensions Expert

Lina is a founder of Liluk lash & brow and she is proud to be most natural looking eyelash extensions and brow specialist in London. Her lashing career started in 2018 after taking a course for Japanese eyelash extensions with Moka Kanai which set the foundation of her naturalistic lash and brow business. Later on she has been taking beauty courses to expand her expertise in lash and brow beauty including lash lifts, brow lamination and permanent makeup.

Lina now has 6 years experience in lash and brow industry. She took opportunity to work with well established beauty salons like Lash perfect beauty bar, London dolls, Nails & brows Mayfair where she gained lots of experience and great knowledge about top lash and brow businesses and customer service. Lina also participated in a World class lash lift competition Artistic fur 2022 and won a 2nd place.

She has started sharing her knowledge with those who thrive to become lash and brow artists in 2023 and believes it is her calling to be an educator and help others to become successful in the beauty industry. Her student’s testimonies prove it all.

Lina’s honest and friendly personality is hugely valued by the clients, students and her expertise in lash and brow treatments have set a firm base to success in her business.

Her speciality is bespoke eyelash designs that stand out in a crowd as well as her brow treatments that makes every face looking fulfilled. Lina believes that everyone’s beauty is unique and that is the best part of it, she encourages to stay original having only minimal enhancement done to bring out those beautiful features and be proud of what you have.

Fully trained, licensed and insured for all the treatments provided at the Liluk lash & brow studio.

Do not go for less! Book with Lina and get a treatment that really suits you!


We are local and based in the heart of South Woodford. You can easily reach us by central tube line, bus, car or on foot.

Liluk Location Brown 1

3 The Shrubberies
George Lane
E18 1BD


Liluk Working Hours

Tue & Thu 10-8pm
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